Fitness: 4,311 steps, 2.27 miles, 8 floors.
That’s a fail and my excuse today was it was too cold at lunchtime to get that extra bit of walking done. Tomorrow I will pack a jumper (can’t use the same excuse twice).

Trains: 05:55 SOU > CLJ arrived at 07:13 (on time), 20:12 CLJ>SOU arrived at 21:27 (2 minutes late).
Overall that’s a well done South West Trains.

Work: Quite productive even though most of it was redoing something that had gone wrong in a previous reporting cycle. I’ll give myself a 7/10 for today’s work.

Best Podcast: Systematic with Brett Terpstra (episode 155: Space, Time and Thought with Ben Elijah). Seriously thinking about picking up Ben’s book, I’m already a GTDer but like Ben, contexts are a bit of a mess for me.

Best Waste of Time: Still New Star Soccer, just got to the end of my seventh season with AFC Fylde, the one where we repeated as Premier League winners, won our third League Cup in four years and won the Champions League at the first time of asking. Highlight of the back end of Season Seven, winning at Man City 8-0 in the first leg of the Champions League semi final.

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